Home Birth Helper

As a home birthing mama myself, and having been a birth photographer at dozens of home births, I'm quite familiar with the entire scene. I adore home birth midwives (did you know I have an obsession with midwife memoirs?) and can't help but watch them closely, studying the process of home births. My familiarity and comfort with birth in home environments means that I'm a ready-made, good-fit extra set of hands to have around at your home birth! 

As your home birth helper (pick me instead of your mom!), my services include:

  • A walk-through of your home to familiarize with the layout and where things are
  • Setting up birth supplies and making up the bed for birth
  • Calling/receiving the midwives and other birth attendants
  • Running last-minute errands
  • Fetching towels and washcloths as requested
  • Preparing and bringing food and drinks to the birth team throughout labor
  • Tidying up the house 
  • Manage the front door/gate/parking for guests invited to be at the birth
  • Starting loads of laundry
  • Sending and answering texts/calls on behalf of the mother
  • Preparing the bedroom for immediate postpartum (tidy up, turn down bed, etc)
  • Warming towels
  • Fetching items from home birth kit when requested by midwife
  • Calling for placenta pick-up, packing the placenta
  • Tending to older siblings
  • Preparing the first postpartum meal 
  • Fetching change of clothes immediately after birth
  • Feed pets, let out or walk the dog (if applicable)

Please note, this is not the same as a doula role. This is less of an emotional/physical support role and more of an attentive assistant role for all things practical and behind-the-scenes.


As with doula services, this can often often be added on to birth photography in a customized package that saves you money. Let's talk!