iPhoneography for the Family Story

Use the camera you have to tell the story you're living



The Problem

You've worked hard to create and steer your family into something you're proud of and in which you take a lot of joy. There are so many things happening in your family life every day that you want to keep with you forever. So you pull out your camera phone (because maybe you don't own a "real" camera and even if you do, it's hard to lug it around along with all your kids and the other stuff of life) and you take snapshots. But then they get lost forever in the iCloud or on your camera roll that's so full you no longer have any space left on your phone but you don't want to delete the photos because you haven't printed them and you don't even really know how. And well, clearly this isn't a sustainable situation and it isn't getting you what you want, which is some meaningful and halfway decent looking and accessible images of your family that maybe you can look through with your kids someday and feel some happy feelings while doing so.

An Alternative: 

Someone (Chase Jarvis) said, "the best camera is the one you have with you." Everyone has a camera. It's built right into your smart phone. And it's capable of more than you think it is. What if instead of a bunch of blurry and uninspiring hurriedly captures snapshots you could use that camera in your pocket/purse to make photos you're proud of, and which give you warm fuzzies? What if you could learn to use it to make photos that are actually sorta great? 

Brooke is sort of an unoffical pro at telling her family story using her iPhone, even though she uses "Real" cameras to tell her clients' stories. As a busy mom of 4, pulling out the real camera and carrying it around isn't realistic most of the time, so she's learned to optimize her iPhone's camera to make images that she loves of the people she loves the most.  You can follow her at @sothisisbrooke on Instagram. 



An iPhoneography Class for your Family's Story

In this 2-hour workshop, Brooke will cover all of this:

  • The basic functions and specs of your in-camera phone and lenses.
  • How to do advance settings like metering and manual focus with your phone camera.
  • Seeing a moment and composing an image that looks purposeful and artistic.
  • Editing images so that they look crisp and finished, including which apps are the best choices.
  • Workflow for sharing your photos on Instagram and FB.
  • Getting your photos off your phone and into your life (or photo books or walls).


Workshop Date & Time: Monday, May 1st, 6:00-8:00pm 

Location: NW segment of downtown Grand Rapids (address will be sent after registration)

Investment: $55

Class capacity: 10

Prerequisites: Ownership of an iPhone 5 or newer*