Upon entering motherhood, many families decide to take the plunge and purchase a nice DSLR camera, with high hopes of having better pictures to show for it, and then it somehow disappoints a bit. You realize that a good camera doesn't automatically lead to great pictures (shoot!). Truth is, you have to learn how a camera works, what exposure is and how you achieve it, how to compose an artful image, how to meter and focus, etc. etc. If you don't know how to do those things, the "Auto" setting is all that remains available to you, but "Auto" -- though smart in certain ways -- is not ever going to be a great photographer.

Because of this, I like the idea of spending a chunk of time equipping mamas like YOU to learn how to use the fantastic camera you've invested in, empowering you to take shots of your families and personal lives in a way that you can feel really good about.

There are lots of workshops available out there to teach the technicalities, both online and in camera stores, and from other photographers. You probably don't have to look far to learn how to use your DSLR.

So in planning my own DSLR workshop, I want to bring my unique self to the table, offered up as a gift to other mamas who might feel inclined to receive me as a teacher. And I think my particular gift, my niche, is this: to notice ordinary moments of family life and to capture them in a way that lets you see their beauty. This is the feedback I get the most often, and it's also the gift that lays behind my two specialties of family photojournalism and birth photography. It's how I photograph my own family, too.

That is what I hope to offer to you in this workshop. I want to invite you to sit in my living room (or perhaps on the deck, surrounded by trees) on a lovely early summer day. I want to offer you pastries and coffee while we sit down and have a conversation not just about the technicalities of DSLR use, but also about our lives. I want to take time together to practice gratitude and noticing and light.

I want to talk about how to use a DSLR with technical skill for the larger purpose of celebrating the life that's unfolding around you, in all its glorious ordinariness. 

Here's what the day will look like:

9 am - 11:45 am

  • coffee and pastries

  • difference between auto and manual modes

  • the exposure triangle

  • ins and out of focus, white balance, and other techie things

  • finding and using all the settings in your camera menu

  • example images throughout to illustrate each setting

  • Q&A

11:45 - 12:15

  • homemade lunch

12:15 - 3:00

  • telling an authentic story with photos

  • being a family historian/documentarian

  • "finding beauty" in the ordinary

  • principles of composition (with example images to illustrate)

  • options for printing photos

3:00 - 3:30

  • a practice shoot on real life "models"


  • sharing what we shot

  • Q&A

Because I want to keep this highly personal and want to give each participant the attention he/she deserves, space is limited to 6. 

Note: You must own and bring a DSLR camera and at least one lens in order to participate in this workshop.

NEXT WORKSHOP :: August 3, 2019  // $200



Read what other's have said about Light & Life:

Even after having my DSLR for 6 years, and trying to self-teach myself how to use it for all it’s worth, it intimidated me, and so sat in a drawer. I now feel like I control my camera, and even better, know how to use it in a way that can tell the story of my life. I can take beautiful photos that I am not embarrassed to hang on my walls. I’m so thankful to Brooke for so generously sharing her knowledge and eye for beauty to empower other women to do the same.
“Brooke’s workshop was exactly what I needed to give me the courage to get my camera back out and start capturing the life around me! I had felt intimidated before; not knowing how to capture the lighting. Now I have the confidence to start shooting! I’m so excited to use the information she gave us and start documenting my kids lives!”
“I’ve had my DSLR for years and I’d joked that it was smarter than me. I was intimidated by anything other than “auto” mode, but Brooke showed us how to take advantage of the manual settings so now I can use my camera to take the kind of photos I’ve always wished I could. I learned so much in one day and feel empowered to better capture the beautiful everyday moments and stories around me!”
“Thank you, Brooke, for combining your gift of hospitality with your passion and knowledge for photography into an, educational, practical, and inspiring class. It was a delight to attend!”