FALL 2019 MINI-SESSIONS :: Sunday October 6, 2019

These miniature portrait events give you a chance to have quick and easy, fun and natural family portraits taken in a beautiful natural outdoor location in Grand Rapids, MI. They're perfect for families with little ones with short attention spans or smaller photography budgets. They also tend to produce at least one christmas card worthy photo (or whatever else you want it for, of course). Though these sessions can yield images with a little more camera-conscious, smiley, and clothing-coordinated features if you choose to go that route, the raw and unscripted photojournalistic style you see in my other work will still flavor them. It's inevitable. ;) 

You may choose to use your session as a mama-and-me session, a couples session, a pregnancy announcement, or for your entire immediate family. Please do NOT plan to use this session time for extended, multi-generation families, engagement photos or senior portraits. 

You can see example of images from these sessions in the blog links at the bottom of this page..


Mini-session days are comprised of 25-minute, back-to-back sessions scheduled at a single location. This time, the location will be Calvin Ecosystem Preserve and Native Gardens on the East Beltline in Grand Rapids.

Each session yields at least 25 beautifully edited images and digital download of all the digital files for unlimited printing (not included with any other session types).

Investment :: $ 200 ($75 deposit to reserve your spot)

Sunday, October 6th from 3:30pm - 5:30pm