Praise From Happy Campers

In addition to those below, there are more happy campers sharing their experience with Brooke Collier Photography in the Reviews section of my FB page

Oh my gracious. BROOKE. These are absurdly beautiful. Beyond belief perfect. They capture the craziness, the silliness, the sweetness, the hilarity, the mess and beauty and perfection that God has given us in every day life! Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!! None of these words are sufficient for how amazing these are to me! Precious in EVERY WAY.

--AG, family photojournalism client


Oh my goodness!!!! Tears! Tears tears tears!!! So beautiful! Words can not express my gratitude to you Brooke. For allowing us to pay you on a plan, for speeding to get there(!) and capturing all these moments! Thank you for sharing your gift with my family.

--KO, birth photography client


The photos are absolutely perfect. Every picture tells a story! Maybe its because you are a momma yourself, or maybe just the nature of this type of photography (probably both)... the pictures pick up all the tiny details we want to remember forever, especially with the kids! I love flipping through them now and I know I'll treasure them even more looking back on them when I'm older and my kids are grown. And aside from that - they are beautiful!!! The beautiful, still moments. You are so good at what you do! Thank you, thank you!

--MS, family photojournalism client


BROOKE.... Omg, tears! These are the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. I am one happy mama right now. Thank you so much for coming out and spending some time with us. You are a remarkable photographer. I will be seeing you very soon for more!

--AB, milk time client


I am so overwhelmed by these photos! They so perfectly catch how I felt in those moments. I am so, so grateful that we'll be able to show these to [baby] some day and tell the story of how beautifully he came into the world and how immensely loved he was by all who were present.

--MV, birth photography client


Of course, the images are beautiful and we treasure them! We are so glad to have found you. I swear, [my husband] says the same thing every year after we view the gallery - "those are amazing, and so worth it. Imagine looking back... and if we did this every year..." So, thank you, THANK YOU! Your skill is spot on and your style is a perfect fit for our family.

--MDS, family photojournalism client


Brooke , I could just cry. These images are so beautiful and graceful. The story they tell is so real and familiar, so precious to me. I cannot tell you how much it means to see these. Thank you for this great gift.

--ECF, smile session client


BROOKE!!! oh my word, what a GIFT you have given us!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for the pictures!! I was hesitant and a little self conscious at what would take place it even what the final outcome would be-but you, Brooke-have taken our small tiny life, the quiet and everyday, my post 3 baby-popping body, a father's love for his children, and the small personality traits of our home-and created and exposed something special. I have never really recognized it in that way. thank you so much. I almost cried when we were leafing through the pictures. I never doubted your ability or your intention in doing this-I just had no idea what could be found in such an average unassuming family life like ours. but I like it. I see it as a gift and you have shed light on that.

--JE, family photojournalism client


Words cannot even express how thankful we are to have this amazing moment documented in such a beautiful way! I just cried my way through the entire story and I have a feeling I will be pouring over these photos time and time again for the rest of my life. THANK YOU!!! 

--AK, birth photography client


The images you captured during our time together feel so holy. So sacred. Throughout the evening and into this morning I feel as though I just want to cradle them, like a newborn, and soak in every moment again and again. Thank you for this beautiful gift.

--JDB, family photojournalism client


ahhh brooke! you're going on maternity leave with a bang! these are incredible. i need to build more walls so that i can hang them all!!!! thank you thank you thank you a million times over.

--SMI, family photojournalism client


Brooke you are incredible!!! These are SO good and even before seeing how good they are we loved having you and everyone else raved about you too. Definitely the a highlights of our days to receive these pictures and look through them. You are INCREDIBLE! I started looking through some of these and teared up all over again. So overwhelming to see God work the way He did on that day, to see the outpouring of love from our friends/family, and to witness the prayer and protection over [wife/baby].

--MW, birth photography client (dad)


We all love them so much, Brooke! [Our daughter] pointed everyone out and smiled when she saw herself in the photos. I'm so happy our family found you - these photos are exactly what we are looking for and we can't wait for the next session at home! It was a pleasure to say the least. I hope its okay that I put them on Facebook, I want to show them off :)

--MS, family photojournalism session


How do I adequately express how grateful I am that Brooke was there to photograph one of the biggest moments in my family's life - the birth of our first child. It was such a long and hard night, but looking at the photographs, all I can see is the beauty of labor, and then the overwhelming joy of meeting our son for the first time...I can't tell you how many people have gotten teary-eyed looking at the photographs and then tell me after, 'These are a treasure! Wow!' They truly are a treasure, and so is Brooke. Her kind and gentle spirit were a blessing to us as I am sure they are to all her clients. Thank you, Brooke for who you are and for sharing the gifts God has given you with all of us,

--JDY, birth photography client


Thank you, thank you. I have just been savoring these pictures this week...taking peeks at them when I need to be reminded that life is good. I can't wait to have some of them on my walls! I appreciate you being so accommodating and letting us take pictures that reflected out family. There is so much joy and fun on my boy's faces on these pictures, and I will treasure them forever. You take such lovely pictures Brooke! And do it with such grace and sweetness. We will for sure be coming back for more!

-- AL, mini-session client


Just a quick note to tell you that these pics are GORGEOUS. Please let me know when you do a mini-session again. We'd love to make this a yearly tradition!

--GV, mini-session client


We LOVE the pictures! I especially love the ones capturing the moments just before she was born when we were blissfully unaware that she would be coming so quickly. God totally provided for a beautiful birth story and it's so fun to look at the photos and count all the ways. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift.

--DD, birth photography client


These are BEAUTIFUL! We've never had family photos that feel so natural and capture our personalities so well. I am SO, SO glad that we could go outside--I love trees, and having my grandma's trees as a backdrop is very special to me, and I know it will be to the rest of the family too.

--SS, family photography client


Love everything about this girl... her photography is merely an extension of her beautiful self. It has been a pleasure working alongside this accomplished photographer. Thank you, Brooke, for capturing the memories so beautifully.

--JF, doula who has been at a birth i photographed