You did it. Celebrate the holy afterglow.


What is a Fresh48 Session (aka Just Born Session)?

a documentary style session completed within the first 48 hours at the location of birth.

You’ve just had your baby. You’re breathless, tired and in happy disbelief. I’ll come within 48 hours (ideally 24!) after you've given birth to the place where you gave birth, whether that’s your bedroom at home or a hospital or birth center room. After your birth team is done cleaning you up, weighing and measuring baby, and doing all the work that immediately follows birth, after you've perhaps freshened up a bit or taken a brief nap, and once your other family members are coming to meet the baby... this is when I'd come in to capture some of those first moments of you exploring and enjoying your newest little person, in awe and wonderment. 

your Fresh48 session includes:

  • 1-1.5 hr. session in whatever location you gave birth, within 48 hours of the birth

  • 30+ beautifully edited images

  • online gallery with completely online ordering of professional quality prints

  • digital download of all hi-res images with unlimited printing rights

  • gorgeous 5.5x5.5" 30-page photo storybook with select images


Notes: Like a birth, Fresh48 sessions must be booked while your'e pregnant, and you'll need to notify me when you're in labor, since it puts me in on-call mode, but in slightly less time-sensitive way. :)  Pricing -- which is higher than most portrait sessions I offer -- reflects the reality that I will be on-call for you over a 20-day period, just as I would be for a birth.