MILK TIME :: Saturday June 8, 2019

mini-sessions for mamas who feed their babies

[The Photos] are beautiful! Way beyond my expectations. Thank you so much! Honestly...can’t thank you enough. Brings tears to my eyes just looking at them. What special moments.
— --KH, milk time participant

About Milk Time:

We've all taken the obligatory "selfies" of ourselves breastfeeding. They're usually awkward, aren't they? But somehow we know that these fleeting but beautiful seasons of our mothering journey are worth documenting, so we do it anyway. 

This mini-session is your opportunity to have a professional, quality portrait of you and your nursling (any age!) as you nurse.  It's also perfect for bottle feeding duos! And if you're rocking a gorgeous baby bump that you'd like some photographs of, you can use a session for that purpose as well. :)

There are five 10-minute slots available, and you may arrive anytime during the open hour after purchasing a ticket below. Before and/or after your session you can linger and visit with the other mamas as your babes play in park, if you like.

Tickets are $75 and include:

  • 10 minutes in front of the camera

  • 10+ edited digital files with copyright permissions

  • light & delicious refreshments

  • social connecting time with other like-minded mamas (optional)

This event is offered 2-4 times over the course of each year. 

The next milk time is scheduled for Saturday June 8, 2019

This special edition of Milk Time will take place outdoors at Wilcox Park in Easttown!

Outdoor Milk Time :: Saturday, June 8, 2019
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Private Milk-Time Session

If the date of one of my Milk Time events doesn't work out for you, or if you'd rather have your nursing photos take place in your own space, this is the thing for you! We'll set up a date and time that fit your schedule, and I'll come to your home for about 20 minutes (short and sweet!) while you feed and cuddle your little one. You'll have 10-15 beautifully edited images with all ownership and copyright permission for all hi-res files. 

Note: must live within 15 miles of my home, or be willing to meet up at another location within that radius. 

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Working full time and pumping to try and stay on top of the milk supply, it’s easy to get bogged down in the “hassle” of it all and forget that this time in my baby’s life is so fleeting and this special bonding time is irreplaceable. The milk time session helped me remember this and looking at the pictures evokes such strong emotions that I know I will be able to carry with me long after my daughter is done breastfeeding.
— -- EVS, milk time participant
I cannot say enough how thrilled I am with the Milk Time photo sessions (obviously, because I’ve done it twice!). The nursing relationship is such a unique experience that is nearly impossible to capture through a selfie. I can only hope that my daughter will appreciate these photos of our earliest bonding moments as much as I do. I can’t wait until the next round of Milk Time minis!
— -SMI, two-time milk time participant