life with a newborn :: naomi rae

Since their freshly-turned-6 son was born, I've been photographing this beautiful family. I can't tell you what an honor that kind of longevity is, and how amazing it is to see them expand and make room each time for another tiny human. This time, a daughter, their first daughter, sweet Naomi Rae, the one whom the Father promised and predicted in answer to their son's prayers. He is good. All the time. 

Lindsy (the mama) has begun homeschooling their three sons this past year as well, and so their home has this beautiful flavor now of curiosity, experimentation, creativity, and learning. I ended up taking many detail shots that give evidence of this beautiful venture in their home and family life, as I hope that that also will be sweet to reminisce about with the help of these photographs in the years to come. 

life with a newborn :: arlie jack

Sweet Arlie Jack was born almost exactly 24 hours after my little Maeve! Since I've been photographing his family for over a year now (including his big brother's birth and newborn session) and have grown in friendship with his mama, Karissa, I was really excited to be able to come out and spend a little time with him. He's so squishy and yummy! Oh my! 

This family loves one another so well and so heartily. Together with their bullies, they're a pretty darn adorable family. See for yourselves!

family photojournalism :: the menkveld-tiedt family

A baby changes everything. For this family, it meant moving to a more family-friendly city where they could raise their baby boy. They've made such a lovely home here and are adjusting to life in a new city all while caring for one very busy and happy little son. He's not quite 1 year old, and I'll bet it's been one of the fullest and most rewarding years of their lives so far. 

milk time :: february 2017 edition

This really doesn't get old, this Milk Time thing. The gathering of lactating women around muffins and fruit, the babies sitting on the floors and in laps, the conversations around breastfeeding challenges facilitated by Raquel, the nursing and cuddling and smooching. Women and their babies are magnificent co-creatures, the beautiful Mamababy, separate and yet still so truly One. These days are treasures.

If you missed this one and can't wait until the next one this summer, private milk time sessions are an option! 

A special thanks to Simply Born Birth House for letting us use their BEAUTIFUL space for this event. 

life with a newborn :: elizabeth mae

This is a little snippet of life with Matthew, Katie, and their 2-week-old baby girl, Elizabeth Mae, who was born in this very home in the room that will one day be her nursery. She is, as far as I can know, the fourth baby born in this house, and the first two of those four were my own babies, for this home of theirs was once my own. This sacred, special place, this quaint little farm-y home in the middle of a city neighborhood, suites these three just perfectly. They're filling it with the light that they carry, the faith and wholesome food that nourishes them, and the love that just tripled in size on the night of Lizzie's birth. It's been a joy getting to know and befriend them, and to have them as neighbors. 

personal :: day in the life, february 2017 edition

I've found that periodically photographing an entire day of my own life helps keep my documentary eye and skills sharp. It also helps me to see my family, home, and life from a fresh perspective, usually refreshing my gratitude. 

Since I've been on a break from shooting professionally since Maeve's birth, I thought doing a DITL would be a good way to break in the camera again. 

This post actually only contains images from the first HALF of an ordinary Thursday in early February. I decided to stop at the 1 pm mark because otherwise this post would be unbearably long and quite possibly boring for most of you. :)

On this particularly Thursday we opted out of our usual activities (a mama bible study for me, work for Tim) in order to mark our dear friend Coop's birthday with a celebratory lingering brunch, so you'll see him and his wife, Charis (who is also my album designer and the one you should praise if you like your album, dear clients) and their daughter, Lois in these photos as well. 

As it turns out, I also did a DITL in February of LAST year (2016). It's so fun to look back and see how much has changed in a year, including the addition of a whole other PERSON to our family!