mini sessions :: spring 2017

Spring! Glorious spring! And mini-session day couldn't have asked for better weather, although a bit less wind might have been preferable. Six awesome families came out for the minis and we strolled around Provin Trails making conversation and photographs, playfully. 

As you know, I usually only do minis once or twice a year. But this year -- because I KNOW they're in high demand -- I'm going to be doing a bonus round of them in JUNE. See the bottom of this post for more details.

But for now, have a look at the results for the Spring edition!

The bonus round of Summer Mini-Sessions will be happening June 18th. Park location TBD (somewhere in the Grand Rapids or surrounding area). But save the date! And follow me on FB and IG (@brookecollierphoto) to be the first to know when tickets go on sale in a couple of weeks! 

mini-sessions :: provin trails

I've tried to get away from mini-sessions, but they keep coming back by popular demand. I'd be lying if I said I didn't end up rather enjoying them in the end. ;) 

Here's the results of round one mini-sessions in September! Look at these amazing families! The cute is insane. 

I'm doing one more round of mini-sessions in the middle of October, so stay tuned for those images, also. :)

snuggle :: the boyer-gorton family

Three cheers for clients I get to grow with! I first met this sweet family when their daughter, Hazel was just a tiny newborn and we did a Life With A Newborn session at their house. Now they're awaiting the arrival of another little one. We used a snuggle session as an excuse for a few belly shots, though I have to say a snuggle session with a toddler ends up being way more active than snuggly. ;) Still, I'm loving these images and I'm very much looking forward to joining them at their home for another Life With A Newborn session before the summer is through! 

snuggle :: the burdettes

My family and I traveled to Pittsburgh to visit extended family. While I was there, I got to connect with a sweet family that lives just a few blocks from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, and who go to the same Church. In fact, years ago, last time we visited Pittsburgh, I have a faint but lovely memory of them praying over us after the church service, over some wounds in our hearts that were still very fresh and raw. It's that kind of sensitivity and kindness that characterizes Nick and Lauren and the family they've created. 

Three lively kids, all with strong Irish names, sat in a tangle together on the couch with their parents, looking at books and inserting funny faces and random requests for high fives. I can't tell you how many times the tops of their little heads were affectionately kissed by their loving folks. 

And in the tiny sliver of time that is a Snuggle Session (I offered these temporarily during my travels), we made these images. I hope they'll be treasures in the family treasure box for a long time.