milk time :: fall 2017 edition

This past fall was a tangle of busy engagement with so many things, that this fell to the wayside. But I'm hoping late is decidedly better than never with this. Because pulling up the images today -- months after they were shot -- I'm getting the warm fuzzies all over again. This was a great set of Milk Time sessions at Simply Born Birth House. It's really satisfying to know all of these mamas have these gorgeous breastfeeding portraits as keepsakes. 

And I'll be doing this again, soon! In early March! Please keep an eye on this blog, as well as my Facebook and IG accounts so that you don't miss the date and location announcement when it comes. This past time I actually had assigned time slots for every participant, which seemed to work out even better than the former format of first-come-first-serve open house style. So I'm leaning toward setting it up that way again.