uncharted territory + memories of warmer days

I spent the better part of 2017 not only welcoming and adjusting to life with our newborn daughter, Maeve, but also attending many births and prenatal and postpartum visits during a busy midwifery apprenticeship. We also began homeschooling our children, which has a pretty steep learning curve! 

With a plate so full, my "big" camera didn't come out nearly as often at home or for clients as it has in other seasons of life. And yet, there are some treasures tucked away on my computer, occasions when I picked up my camera and made some images of my own family. I wish I had even more, but I guess my iPhone's camera roll holds most of our memories for 2017. 

In this new year, pieces are shifting for our family. We've entered into a bit of uncharted territory, as I've had to make hard choices. In order to say my best "yes" to some things, I've had to say "no" to others, including the midwifery apprenticeship. What the future holds in regards to midwifery remains to be seen, but in the meantime, I know that I'll be raising our babies, supporting my husband in his ventures, and wielding the camera again with more frequency, both for my own family and for yours, if you'd like. Please don't be shy about reaching out! 

From now until January 31st, anyone who books a family photojournalism session will receive $50 off the session price.

Family sure is wonderful. I'd love to come make some images like this of YOURS.