life with a newborn :: beau scott

Having known this family throughout their pregnancy, I can say with a great deal of confidence that this little man has been SO wanted, and anticipated with incredible joy. I'm so happy seeing him finally here and resting in his parents' arms. There's so much goodness ahead for these three, and so many gifts to soak up in the here and now. 

Life With A Newborn sessions often happen during those first tender and raw weeks following birth, otherwise known as the 4th Trimester or postpartum period. It's my favorite time, friends. I'm a birth junkie (always!) but I'll also say that I've come to value this postpartum season just as much. It's so vitally important for lifelong wellbeing for babies and their mamas. And even though it LOOKS all romantic and gushy in photographs sometimes, it's actually SO intense and really challenging, especially if we haven't prepared for it. Which is why, as part of my new (and complementary) venture, Sister Birth, I'm devoted to helping you set up a postpartum that nourishes and restores you, protecting these early weeks with your baby. While also photographing tidbits of it! Please visit to learn more.