smile :: sarah + matt

Sarah and Matt are in a crazy busy season of life, which makes it so that their quality time together is pretty limited. So when they both had a day off, they made plans to make it super special, packed from beginning to end with fun ways to connect. For part of that special day, they chose to have a formal photo session. Now I might seem an unlikely choice for a fancy-formal shoot; it's pretty atypical for me. But Sarah captivated me with her vision of a rented designer golden gown, tuxedos, and beautiful architecture. Even more than that, their story and their desire to spend some time celebrating their marriage is what got me. :)

We had many unexpected twists that could have ruined this special photo session, but in the end we overcame against all those odds and had a rather magical time. Couldn't be happier with how they came out.  Don't they look amazing?! And can't you just feel their affection for one another?!