life with a newborn :: evie

Evie is six weeks old. Her papa, Ben, recently finished up his medical residency, and their whole family is settling into new normals in the wake of both her birth and the change in seasons for his vocation. But these four take it all in stride. This is a naturally-minded, plant-growing, espresso-loving, good-humored family that doesn't sweat the small stuff. And they did a great job of not showing off for me, which means the rawness element that I so cherish is really present and beautiful in these images. 

While I was at their home, Evie woke from a nap and got changed and nursed with her mama Alisha while Ben and Ginnie made coffee together. They all had a porch sit, did sidewalk chalking, and sampled herbs from the garden. In the backyard, we picked cherry tomatoes and gathered eggs from the henhouse, then moved to the back room for a breastfeeding break and some creative art time. Lastly, Ginnie showed me her cardboard airplane and got some rides in it before they all loaded up to walk to nearby Riverside Park as I waved them off. 

Wishing this family all the best as they continue to find their new normals and dig deeper into their life in Grand Rapids (they're from Australia)!