life with a newborn :: felicity london

First of all, how awesome is the name Felicity London?! Come on! It's just as awesome as her big sister's name, Cordelia Love

It's been so lovely to be the photographer for this family as a few major life events now, and this was no exception. Their beautiful homes, hospitable hearts, and sweet daughters are a joy. 

Here's sweet baby Felicity -- and her people -- at just a little over a week old...

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fresh48 :: violet

As is so often the case with second babies, Violet's birth was much quicker than her parents could have even anticipated. Their midwife made it to their home with very little time to spare. And so when I came to them the very next day to make these photographs, they were still a bit wide-eyed and stunned from the joyful surprise of it all. They'd just had a baby(!!), and were trying to integrate that new reality into their minds and hearts. That kind of raw, fresh energy is exactly what I love about Fresh48 sessions. A day or two later, let alone a few weeks later, we would have had a very different energy, you know?! But today. Today they are shellshocked and tender, open and a tiny bit messy. And that's really, really good stuff. Not to mention Violet herself, who will look so different just days from now, as newborns so quickly shift in appearance. I hope they'll treasure these images for a long time. 

family photojournalism :: the stob family

Last time I photographed them, they had 2 children. Now they are 3. And they've settled more deeply into this house they call home and into the love of God, and into one another. While I was with them, they had a dance party, complete with various musical instruments, played with blocks, and smiled over the first staggering steps of the baby in the family. Life with three children ages 5 and under is simple and slow, and yet it'll be over in a blink. It's nice to take a minute to pause and really SEE this season for what it is, in all the mundane glory. I hope they can see the treasure here.

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life with a newborn :: birch

A first baby, a son. Nothing upends life -- in the best possible ways -- quite the way a firstborn does! How I loved being able to pop in and make some photographs of Birch and his parents just a few days after his birth. They're cocooned up, adjusting to the new reality and expanded love that's just overtaken them. All my best wishes to you three... 

life with a newborn :: cora faith

Sweet little Cora Faith is the third daughter in this close-knit family. Their home is so cozy, their laughter so quick-coming, and their faith expressed with such a whole heart. Cora has fallen right into the nest so naturally. She's so loved, and it's so lovely to see that. 

For this Life With A Newborn Session, this family had their family devotions, made birthday treats (for Cora's big sister who is turning 3), then building and playing in a couch/cushion/pillow/stuffed animal fort. :) Through all this activity, Cora was the most peaceful, alert little baby, even at the young age of 1.5 weeks!