smile :: the ferris family

Anne and Andy have had me do a christmasy photo session for them twice before. It's always creative, with Anne having prepared simple props to bring along to christmas tree farms or nature centers. They've always been a combination of them enjoying an activity together AND stopping to smile at the camera while cuddled closely together. Always so fun, this meshing of photojournalism and portraits. 

This time around, we decide to do something similar indoors, at their own home. When I arrived, they already had one cookie sheet of from-scratch sugar cookies (with orange zest) baked, and were ready to frost them with peppermint frosting (after their daughter offered me one to devour right inside the front door). So we photographed the making of sugar cookies with green and red sprinkles, then they snacked on them beside their large and lovely tree. And, to round things out, we took a few solid portraits by that tree (including some cat-inclusive ones), and on their adorable couch. I love these shots of this creative, expressive, and warm family. 

This was so fun, that I'm consider offering holiday-season, in-home, mini-storytelling sessions centered around families doing christmasy things together (decorating a tree, baking cookies, cutting down a tree, sledding in the yard, sharing hot cocoa and cuddles, etc). That'd be fun, eh?