life with a newborn :: lillian

birth is untamed and unpredictable. it always is. and sometimes that unpredictability means that i miss a birth (not often). lillian's birth was one of those. but once the dust of the unexpected settled, and her mama was feeling up to it, i came over to photograph them in their home. 

arielle and mike played along with my rather un-posed approach to newborn photography, contented to just gaze googly-eyed at their sweet girl while i snapped away. i'm just a sucker for newborns photographed in their parents' arms, because that's where they normally spend their time, anyway, and it's where they belong. gets the oxytocin flowing! :)

the three cuddled, read books, nursed, and rested together. that's what life with a newborn is all about. and i hope these photos will help them remember this hazy, wonderful season of life. 

lillian is nearly two weeks old at the time these photos were taken. she is adored and adorable, as you will quickly be able to see. 

i have another life-with-a-newborn session to show you soon, so stay tuned!