milk time :: breastfeeding portraits (part II)

Back in march, i stepped out and offered a specialized form of mini-session portraits that i had never done before : portraits of mamas with their nurslings. knowing how special and how fleeting a breastfeeding relationship is, i figured maybe other mamas would want it documented the way that i do! so, i partnered with midwife Sara at Cedar Tree Birth and Wellness, and we hosted this lovely event for 14 pairs of mamas and babies. it was so special. 

so we did it again, of course! this time around, a couple things were different. like, the room we used last time, which previously had a couch in it, was now filled with a gorgeous, inviting bed, giving the mamas the opportunity to recline or side-lie while nursing, or to sit in a rocking chair in that same private room. meanwhile, in the main rooms, women lingered, nursing their babies and chatting about motherhood and birth. there was so much lingering this time! all these women, who had never met before, all hit it off. for me, that was really rewarding to see, as i had hopes that this photo event would also invite a sense of community and support. 

so, without further ado, here's an image from each nursing pair who came out this past weekend. beauty upon beauty. 

thank you so much to every one of these mamas for letting me photograph you and your babies. it was a real joy.