life with a newborn :: ethan frost

I have a theory that third babies are magical. It seems like they are almost always easy-going and good sleepers. This is not based in scientific research, just casual observation. But dear little Ethan Frost is confirming my theory, that's for sure. 

It's been such joy to photograph this family across the years, since their eldest was just a baby! After this session, Jason and Andrea were reflecting on what it's been like to have the same photographer document them at several different key points in their life as a family. It was really rewarding to hear them talk about how special it is to look back at their collection of little books (cos all my sessions come with a little photo book!), seeing the similarity in style that comes from having the same photographer over and over again, but being able to see all the subtle changes in their children across the years. Family heirlooms, for sure! 

This time, in addition to a new baby, this family also has a new home and their eldest just started her first year of school. Through it all, their gentle affection and intentionality with one another shines through. Years of small faithfulnesses yield a rich life and healthy, vibrant kiddos.