family photojournalism :: the kegley family

They left a big city to come to our small one, and there’s been no regrets about that. Because at the end of this life, the chances are we’ll never regret the decision to scale back, slow down, carve out space to be together as family. We won’t regret living smaller and slower, friends.

What parts of your life have you rearranged in order to value the things that matter most to you?

In this in-home session from this past winter, I documented Rachel and Jason with their two boys as they baked, changed out of pajamas for the day, played piano and enjoyed free play in the playroom and then outside to sled a while, too. So much ordinary magic. :)

These little moments are where it’s AT, friends. This is the stuff you’ll be reminiscing over when you’re 80, and that’s why it’s what I’ve devoted my photographic career to documenting. There’s never a bad time to do this. So reach out if this resonates with you. Let’s get you set up!