family photojournalism :: the bowen family (yes, again!)

It’s genuinely the BEST to get the chance to photograph the same family several times over spans of years while their children are born and grow, as they move or remodel their homes, change jobs, and more. In some cases, I’m actually at their BIRTHS, witnessing their emergence, and then I’m still photographing them at ages 4 or 5. I love thinking about the cumulative collection of images these families have over that span of time.

This family is one of those. I first photographed them when their second son was a brand new baby. And now here he is greeting me at the door in his undies, being nearly fully potty trained and rather proud of that.

This session was done last fall (Halloween time, as evidenced by the pumpkin carving going on here), so clearly I’m doing some catch-up on the blogging here. But it’s never too late for sharing another glimpse of another family’s peculiar magic, right?

If the idea of having me photograph your family across the years appeals to you, I do offer multi-session discounts. Shoot me an email and I’ll tell you more about that option.