family photojournalism :: the kerry family

Every season of family life is its own story, its own treasure.

I’m often hired to photograph families in their younger years, the messy chaotic years of raising tiny and totally uninhibited little people. But sometimes — as with this session — I also get to spend time documenting the life of a family in a different season. Long gone are the diapers and strollers and nap times… those blurry years now replaced by whatever varied interested the children are growing up into, their ever-clearer personalities in full effect, their wings unfurling as their independence increases. And the mom and dad, no longer so needed in such physical ways, get to take on a new role: that of adviser, facilitator, guide, and friend.

Seeing all of that in the Kerry family made me look forward with renewed excitement to the future seasons of family life. We aren’t here yet, but they make it look so special, and I’m touched by their affectionate connection which they’ve so intentionally nurtured through every season of their life as a family.

So hear this, mamas and daddies of older kids and teens: this is for you, too. This natural, unposed and unhurried documentation of your family story works for ALL ages. In fact, it’s probably the best way to get your reluctant tween on board, because ain’t nobody gonna make him/her dress up and pose in cheesy ways. Instead, each family member gets to do his/her own thing and be SEEN and documented and appreciated for exactly who they are, in the phase they are in.