mini-sessions :: fall 2014 (Part 1)

This fall, I split mini-sessions into smaller clumps on a couple different dates. It seemed like it would open up more options so more people with different sorts of schedules could choose to participate. Honestly, it also seemed like it would be easier to reschedule a clump of THREE sessions in the event that I was called into a birth, than to reschedule SIX. 

May I be transparent with you for a moment? I'm sitting on the fence with Mini-sessions, guys. They don't seem to be as popular as they used to be, and I'm not sure I do them as well as I do other things. What I do best is the raw stuff, the unscripted, the natural. I don't excel at posing you and arranging you and trying to make your toddlers look up at my camera with genuine smiles dancing on their faces. There are many other photographers out there who do those things very well, so maybe I ought to send you to them instead? 

Or maybe it's time to creatively think about how to apply the raw, unscripted stuff I love so very much to the mini-session concept, since the lower price point and short, to-the-point sessions really do work well for many of you, and I do want to keep seeing you. I'm kicking around some ideas of what that could look like. But if you have more, leave me a comment, ok!? Let's put our heads together on this and see if we can come up with something stellar. 

Meantime, mini-sessions keep on truckin' and we are still getting lovely results! Here are just a few highlights from the first little chunk of mini-sessions in September...

So much thanks to the two families and the awesome 8th grader who came out to be photographed at Riverside Park.