family photojournalism :: the saigeon family (once again)

This family. I have a lot of heart eyes for them. This is my 4th time helping them tell the story of their family life! It started when 4-year-old Sienna was very small and 2-year-old Maxwell was yet in utero. We met at a nature center and took some simple and unscripted maternity photos. Then I visited their home shortly after he was born, and again when the kids turned 3 and 1

Now they are transitioning. Having sold their sweet Eastown home while the market was hot, they've taken the plunge and started to design and build their dream home on a little piece of land outside Grand Haven. Which means that for now they are renting a small-ish apartment downtown, biding time until their new home will be ready for them. Here the kids turned 4 and 2, here Max will learn to use a potty, and here Sienna finished her first year of Montessori preschool. As eager as they may be to move on, life keeps on marching along, rich and full as ever, with Michelle and Eric setting the tone and culture of a warm and enriching home environment. So, even though the smaller space might make them a little nuts right now, I'm really glad they decided to have it documented anyway, because someday these are the kinds of memories they'll really enjoy looking back at!

What joy to spend a bit of one evening shooting a Short Story Family Photojournalism session with them, walking to the park to read and swing, chatting with the neighbor's dogs, and lounging in their sweet little yard. It always feels like spending an evening with friends.